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the manifold gender // 2021

// Performance

// 50', improvised dance, 4 channel sound, sculptural installation, fashion

// collective work with Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja and Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo as part of the "Protogynous Collective"

// shown during "Journey through a body"

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Kunsthalle Düsseldorf // Düsseldorf, Germany

Independently of the individual’s search for identity, the gender question is a social issue, but it is analyzed and answered in society on the basis of prototypes and clichés. As a result, the individual concerned is often disempowered in their attempt to answer their personal gender question.

There is still a yawning gulf between gender freedom and social reality. In a free engagement with the body, personal creativity, and the search for an individually structured gender, a “journey of the individually experienced body” will be presented on the catwalk, and the principles of fashion and design will be interrogated.

The queer—fashion—performance “the manifold gender” displays a variety of unique, pulsating, living bodies. The “skins” they wear reinforce the external idea of the self. The “power of fashion,” the setting of “trends,” and the exemplary, optimal body are explicitly taken up in the

context of a performative investigation. “The manifold gender” shows a collective of individuals, each of whom embodies a universal,

genderfluid, self-empowering being.


© Ruth Magers



iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo

Camie Ruether

Demetris Vasilakis

Katharina Senzenberger

Paula Pau

Franz-Josef Heumanskaemper

Sebastian Verra

Biniam Graffé

Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja


Ruth Magers

Sound Art

Roman Jungblut


Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja


Julian Quentin

Conception & Direction

"Protogynous Collective"

iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo

Christi Knak Tschaikowsjaka

Julian Quentin

© Ruth Magers


© Ruth Magers


© Ruth Magers



// 17 Objects

// polyester, foam, metallic paint, nylon

// dimensions variable

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