Julian Quentin is a film director and artist currently based in Cologne and Zurich. He is interested in the intersections between art and film. 

On  the one he is exploring ways to bring influences from art into his filmmaking through his interest in installation, photography, performance and video-art. At the same time his own art helps him to make sense of the world he's living in, where he reflects on otherness and pop-culture.

In his commercial and music-video work he explores and negotiates artistic expression with distinctive brand identities in order to compose intriguing experiences that resonate.



2017             3 month acting intensive at "Schauspielfabrik Berlin"

2018             Electronic Music Production Certificate SAE

since 2018     Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln


Zürich, Basel, Berlin, Köln, London, Paris


2013: "Schwarz ist mein leben - Christa de Carouge" (Portrait)

2016: "Nepomuks Welt" (Short Film)

2016: "My whiplash gone blank" (Video-Art)

2017: "Reden über sterben" (Eight portraits)

2017: "'Rimini' by Florian Summer" (Music Video)

2017: "I'm not here" (Experimental Short Film)

2017: "Alien" (Short Film)

2017: "'Nemesis' by Jonas Gross" (Music Video)

2018: "'Good Feelings' by Escape the Radiation" (Music Video)

2018: "'Badi vom Max Frisch' by Florian Summer" (Music Video)

2018: "Kämpferinnen" (Short Film, in post production)

2018: "Ooh Ooh" (Music Video)

2019: "Schau mal: Wir schimmern" (Music Video)

2019: "Everyday Warriors" (Promotional Video)

2019: "Kalk bleibt dreckig" (Short Documentary)

2021: "The Familiar" (Short Film)

2021: "Führungslos" (in post-production)


2018: "We are all made of stars" (photo-series of five)

2019: "Don't interrupt me, I'm suffocating" (2 channel video installation)

2019: "Interfearences (Citizens)" (photo series of five)

2019: "Encounters" (photo-series)

2020: "FaceFit2go" (video, art in public space)

2021: "wake up hard skin a girl" (photo-series, art in public space)



  •  "2. Preis Kategorie C" (2nd Prize Category C) @Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2017 for "Kämpferinnen"


  •  "Luzerner Nachwuchsfilmpreis" (Lucerne Young Filmmakers Award) @Upcoming Filmmakers 2018 for "Highway"

  •  "Nachwuchsfilmpreis" (Young Filmmakers Award) @Zuger Filmtage

  •  "3. Preis" (3rd Prize)@ Filmfestival Schaffhausen 2018 for "Alien"


  • "SAE Förderpreis" (SAE advancment award) @ Filmfestival Schaffhausen 2017 for "I'm not here"

  • "Luzerner Nachwuchsfilmpreis" (Lucerne Young Filmmakers Award) @Upcoming Filmmakers 2017 for "Alien"

  • "Bester Schnitt" (Best Editing) @Zuger Filmtage for "Alien"

  • "3. Preis Kategorie C" (3rd Prize Category C) @Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2017 for "I'm not here"


  • "Beste Kamera" (Best Cinematography) @Zuger Filmtage 2016 for "My whiplash gone blank"

  • "Bester Film" (Best Picture) @Zuger Filmtage 2016 for "My whiplash gone blank"

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