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FaceFit2go| single channel video (public intervention), 2020

Displayed in July 2020 in Cologne Subway stations inbetween the (other) commercials.

This is a collective work with Mary Mikaelyan and Marja Suna Vormann.

Performers: Laila, Aminaa

wake up hard skin a girl | 2020


Collaborative work with Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja and the performers

Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo, Lars Nichtvontrier

"wake up hard skin a girl" represents the powerlessness of the individual in answering of their

gender question. Searching movements alternately lead to courage as well as pain, but never

to the kind of „male“/ „female“ definition that is expected from them hegemonically.

Interfearences (Citizens)|series of five, Durst Lambda (127*92cm), 2019


pixel-lines are interrupted and altered through human intervention

The citizens of the grid are defined only by the interfearences they cause to the line-system through their movements, overcrossings and the remaining negative space.

encounter: untitled| series of two, metallic C-Print (90*60cm), 2019

studies for a short film

Model: Biniam Graffé

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