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Dont interrupt me, Im suffocating| two channel video, plastic, 2019

In the firm grip of the overstimulations vortex, new shapes emerge in an inferno of ephimere realities. And in the loneliness of the high, suddenly silence.

The work is set at a rave, Channel 1 in the place of a background visual, Channel 2 remains hidden (from plain sight).

Channel 1consists of the last 100 photos on my phone, increasingly distorted through various levels of compression. Channel 2 captures a meditation that is temporarily layered approximately the duration of one breathstroke apart.

We are all made of stars| photo-series of five, C-Print (60*60cm), 2019

The very same atoms on our flesh once originated out of a foreign starts core

everything is possible, we are all made of stars

Models: Sebastyan Meixger, Runa Wehrli, Isabel Curti, Leah Süss, Donald Diffang

studies on dance exercises (imagine that you are dead)

Model: Binam Graffe