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corpo:reality // 2021

// Installation

// Steel, tin, latex, nylon, single channel video

// Dimensions variable: approximately 4.5m x 3m x 3.8m

part of "Bodies in Between" curated by Brenda Guesnet

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IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art // Eupen, Belgium

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The installations sculptural elements are the debris of bodysuits torn apart in a process of metamorphosis.

("Territory" see here).

Parts of humanoid exoskeletons (in various states of deconstruction) float in the air, fallen shreds of artificial skin remain on the floor below it.

A video loop is showing fluids that materialized into various changing shapes - perhaps suggesting a utopian body.

Video loop // 3'


The work strives to approach hegemonial concepts of gender both as an idea that is not only enforced extrinsically but that is also internalized through socialization in our society, leaving the individuals bodies subject to fixed ideas and expectations of their physical and spiritual shape (as well as their behavior).

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