The Familiar // 2021

// Short film

// 11 Minutes / no dialogue / digital / in black and white and in colour / 2.35:1

Cast Markus J. Bachmann, Biniam Graffé // Composer Roman Jungblut

// Cinematographer Linda Schefferski // Producer Nils Ramme

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Teaser // 55"

Alien crashes on an inhospitable planet and tries to contact his*her home planet. While searching, Alien experiences a world in which Alien is simultaneously trapped and repelled. When discovering someone who returns Alien’s gaze, they create themselves a sanctuary.

The film intends to create a surreal parallel world, reflecting the alien figure's subjective view of our real world/society and to challenge the alien figure to become the most human character in the film.

Past Screenings

2021           Frameline, San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, USA

2021           River Film Festival, Italy

2021           FiSH Festival, Germany

Upcoming Screenings

2021           Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Hong Kong

2021           NewFest, LGBTQ+ Film and Media, New York, USA

2021           Seattle Queer Film Festival, USA

2021           Blonde Cobra Festival, Germany

2021           Online Release on


Stills //

full screener available on request